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***Given current data, please expect updates to these guidelines soon.  Please check regularly throughout the season***

CLICK HERE for CCYHA's Current Guidelines as of 11/12/2021

Questions or to Report a Positive COVID test?  Please email  .

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Photo Schedule
CCYHA PHOTO SCHEDULE Below is the team/individual photo schedule. ...
Concussion Management & Baseline Testing
Baseline Concussion Testing Should your player sustain a head injury,...
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions Your kids are on a team, team practices are...
Reminder: Time to Re-enroll Your Kroger Community Rewards!
Are you Kroger Shopper???   Please help CCYHA House Hockey...
Questions?   If you have a questions, please email
Photo Schedule


Below is the team/individual photo schedule.  Your coach/team manager will be distributing photo order forms this week and next.  Please make sure players are dressed in their game jerseys/socks.  Teams with white or blue jerseys will be informed by their coach/manager which color to wear for the team photo. 

If you have questions, please contact myself or your team manager.  Your coach/team manager is responsible for verifying the schedule below and forwarding you picture day information.  


MONDAY:  11/29:         MITE BLUE ADM 1                     DUBLIN 1      5:30     TWO PHOTOGRAPHERS

                                         MITE WHITE ADM 1              DUBLIN 1      6:30     TWO PHOTOGRAPHERS

                                         MITE RED ADM                     DUBLIN 1      7:30     TWO PHOTOGRAPHER

                                         BANTAM LAINE                     DUBLIN 1      8:30     ONE PHOTOGRAPHER

                                         BANTAM ICEHOUNDS            DUBLIN 1      8:30     ONE PHOTOGRAPHER

                                         BJ U19 GIRLS/MOERSDORF     DUBLIN 2      9:15     ONE PHOTOGRAPHER

                                         BJ 07AA MJR/HAGKULL           DUBLIN 2      9:15     ONE PHOTOGRAPHER


TUESDAY:  11/30:          SQUIRT MAJOR ADM 1             DUBLIN 2      5:50     ONE PHOTOGRAHER


WEDS:  12/1:                  SQUIRT MINOR ADM 2             NORTH 3       5:50     TWO PHOTOGRAPHERS

                                         PEEWEE MINOR ADM 2          DUBLIN 2      7:40     TWO PHOTOGRAPHERS

                                         SQUIRT MINOR ADM 1           DUBLIN 1      8:10     TWO PHOTOGRAPHERS

                                         PEEWEE MAJOR ADM             DUBLIN 2      8:40     TWO PHOTOGRAPHERS


THURS:  12/2:                BJ 11AA MJR. / TUDRICK          ICE WORKS  5:30     ONE PHOTOGRAPHER

                                         BJ 10AA MJR. / CRAIN            ICE WORKS 5:30     ONE PHOTOGRAPHER

                                         BJ 09/10 / OLLANKETO          ICE WORKS  6:30     ONE PHOTOGRAPHER

                                         BJ 08AA MNR. / MARKELL       ICE WORKS 6:30     ONE PHOTOGRAPHER


MON:  12/6:                    BJ 11/12 / HAMMOND                ICE WORKS  5:30     ONE PHOTOGRAPHER

                                        BJ 07/08 MIXED / BARNETT     DUBLIN 2      7:20     ONE PHOTOGRAPHER


WEDS:  12/8:                  BJ 12AA MNR. / MOORE            ICE WORKS  6:00     ONE PHOTOGRAPHER

                                       PEEWEE MINOR ADM 1            DUBLIN 1      8:10     TWO PHOTOGRAPHERS


THURS:  12/9:                MITE BLUE ADM 2                     DUBLIN 1      5:30     TWO PHOTOGRAPHERS

                                         MITE WHITE ADM 2               DUBLIN 1      6:30     TWO PHOTOGRAPHERS

                                         SQUIRT MAJOR ADM 2           DUBLIN 1      7:30     TWO PHOTOGRAPHERS

                                         BANTAM WILDCATS               DUBLIN 1      8:30     ONE PHOTOGRAPHER

by posted 11/22/2021
Concussion Management & Baseline Testing

Baseline Concussion Testing

Should your player sustain a head injury, a baseline test is used as a resource to return the concussed brain back to the baseline state. 

If you are interested in having your player take a concussion baseline test, you may schedule your player during an open session by contacting Casie Elander at the email below.

Casie Elander Med. AT - Concussion Testing Coordinator at OhioHealth Sports Medicine

Participants must be at least 10 years of age and the test results are good for two years.  There is no fee for the test, but it does last approximately one hour and takes place in a group setting so it is important that athletes are on time.

Upon scheduling a time, Casie will send detailed information and the required forms. Testing at the Dublin location.

by posted 07/11/2019


  • The CCYHA apparel store through Squadlocker is open! It IS open 24/7/365! Orders ship individually 6-12 business days after they are placed. Tracking information will be emailed to you.
  • Periodically there are discounts so be on the look out for deals by click on the store below.
  • Boys and Girls logos now available just click on the right store link below.
  • We have special spiritwear for those on our travel teams as well.







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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Your kids are on a team, team practices are starting, games will be on weekends and it's snowing outside (well not yet but soon)!!!  You don't want to miss a single moment.  Here are a few tips that make sure you don't miss a moment of CCYHA Hockey!!!

How do I update my player's contact information so that my husband/wife also gets the schedule reminders, emails from coaches, and emails from the League?

Go to the CCYHA home page and click on "Edit My Account" (last item on left hand menu).  Enter your email address and password (the one you used to register your child).  Select the individual you need to edit.  Edit the profile as needed.  Select if you want email reminder for games and practices. 

If you need to add more one than email address, separate each email address with a semi-colon (;).

You can also watch a video on how to do this by clicking here.


My spouse is not a CCYHA member and thus cannot log into our account?

Go to the CCYHA home page and click on "Register Online" (on left hand menu).  Select any open program (it doesn't matter which one).  Hit "Continue".  Hit "Create Account." Enter your email address.  You will receive an email to establish a password for that email.  Once you have created a password, log back in with your email and new password.  Complete the member information.  

Upon completion, please email the webmaster at  The profile will need to be linked to the player(s).  Please let the webmaster know which player(s) to link to the parent.

I would like to download/create a subscription to my kid's schedule to my Google/ical calendar?

There are a couple methods but here are a couple.

(1) If on an Apple device, go to  If in the mobile version go to ALL TEAMS -> SELECT a Team -> SCHEDULE (from the Teams Menu).  You will see the schedule for the team.  ON THE DESKTOP VERSION: In the upper right, hit the triangle next to OPTION and select Calendar Feed.  Then select type of service/calendar program and follow directions.  ON THE MOBILE VERSION, there is a small calendar icon next to the word “Schedule” you can click on calendar icon to subscribe.


(2) To follow your ADM practice group ((i.e. 6U, 8U, etc.) AND your team  Go to ALL TEAMS on the top menu of the CCYHA website.

  • Select Multi-Schedule.

  • Select LIST for the Schedule type you wish to generate.

  • Check the team(s) you wish to generate a calendar for (if your player is a is participating in an ADM group - e.g. 8U Mite - Group 1, you will need to select BOTH your team and your ADM group).

  • Click on Submit at the bottom of the screen.  You will see the calendar.

  • On the right, hit the triangle next to OPTION and select Calendar Feed.  Then select type of service/calendar program and follow directions.

If you create an ical feed/subscription (for your ipad, iphone, etc), the calendar should automatically update as changes are made to the CCYHA calendar based upon your device preferences on fetching data.

You can also watch a video on how to do this by clicking here.






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Reminder: Time to Re-enroll Your Kroger Community Rewards!

Are you Kroger Shopper???  

Please help CCYHA House Hockey earn funds for house clinics, equipment and other CCYHA House Hockey sponsored events by registering your Kroger Plus Card today. 
The Kroger Community Rewards Program is an easy way to accumulate funds for CCYHA House Hockey with your everyday shopping.  The program awards cash based on the quarterly spending of registered organizations like CCYHA.  Kroger awards up to $1,250,000 per quarter split among participating organizations.  CCYHA's earnings are based on the percentage that CCYHA House Hockey families in comparison to other groups participating in the program spend.  CCYHA receives a reward check each quarter based on this percentage. 

Participation in the program does not cost the CCYHA family anything and does not affect any of the family's shopping rewards (e.g. coupon savings, gas savings, etc.)

We just ask that you take a few minutes to register your Kroger Plus Card so that CCYHA can benefit from your purchases.  If you already have a Kroger Plus Card, please log on to

  • Select Link Your Shoppers Card
  • If you are already enrolled with Kroger, use your email address and password.  If not, you will need to enroll.
  • On the Kroger Community Rewards screen, enter NPO number (RB991) or name of organization (CCYHA House Hockey),
  • Select organization from the list and click on Save Changes
  • To verify you are enrolled correctly, you will see ‘CCYHA House Hockey’ in your account profile under Community Rewards.  You will also see it at the bottom of your receipt when you shop!

If you do not have a Kroger Plus Card yet, you can obtain one at the customer service desk at any Kroger.  Remember to register the card as instructed above in order for CCYHA House Hockey to receive credit from your purchases.
Thank you in advance  for your support!




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If you have a questions, please email

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