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Nashville Hotel Reservation Info
by posted 07/31/2021

Hello Parents!

It is time for me to get peoples names and how many rooms needed.

Please email the following piece of info...

1.  How many rooms needed per family (1 Friday/1 Saturday) or (2 Friday/1 Saturday)

2.  Email address for the hotel reservation/payment

Thank you!

I will not know what hotel we will get until I gather the requested info from you and get it turned into the tournament people.

The cost per night is approx $200/night + fees and tax.


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Poll Clarification
by posted 07/20/2021

Only focus on the days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday).  
Disregard the dates on the poll.  

Thank you.  

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2021-2022 Season - Practice Days Poll
by posted 07/20/2021

Hello Families,
The coach’s would like to know what two days of the week are best for practices.  
Please only one person per family complete the Doodle Poll ASAP (link below).
Once I get one reply from each family, we will do our best to accommodate!


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