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Welcome to the Bruins 2021 Pee Wee Major CCYHA club!
by posted 10/18/2021

Hi Everyone,

My name is Brad Pearson and I am the head coach of your sons' and daughters' CCYHA Pee Wee Major team this season. This year we are the Bruins and I will be distributing the team sweaters at the game this Saturday. Along with myself, we have 3 additional coaches on the team. Here is everyone's name and contact info in the event you need to reach any of us:

  • Brad Pearson - 614.975.7798
  • Dan Carmany - 614.506.3326
  • Altan Keller - 614.595.9656
  • Jason Caldwell - 614.202.9798

Each of the coaches have a child on the team so we are all parents along with all of you. Coaching of the team will be very much by committee early in the season as my son is in football and has practices and games through the first 2 weeks in November, so I will be missing a few practices and games here and there. After that, I will be at all of the games and practices.

There are two practices this week. Tuesday 7 - 7:50 PM and Wednesday 5:50 to 6:40 PM at Chiller North. These will still be group practices so all of the kids on all teams will continue to practice together. We do have our first game this Saturday at 3:25 PM at the Chiller Dublin. Try to arrive at least 30 minutes early so it gives us all a chance to get ready and talk to the team and make sure everyone is ready to go. Bring hockey socks this weekend because we might not have our own socks in yet due to shipping delays.

After the game I'd like to take 10 minutes to get all the parents together and have a quick conversation about the season. Also, after this game I need all the sweaters back to get names on them. I'll wash them prior so don't worry about them being dirty.

It looks like we are the home team for this first game so we need someone to run the clock, someone to keep stats and someone in the penalty box. If you're interested in helping, please let me know at the game and I'll show you where to go. It's pretty easy and a great way to see the game from close up! If we don't get any volunteers, I'll have to do a game day draft of parents :)

As far as the season and practices go, my only expectations for this year is to allow our kids to develop into a better hockey player with fundamental guidance along the way. We will do a lot of "play drills" where they resemble mini games and probably not a lot of single skill drills. All of our coaches have prior years of hockey playing and coaching so we will make sure the kids are learning the right way to play and develop.

For games, if your child is NOT going to be able to make it, please try to let us know 24 hours in advance so we can figure out what our lineup will be and so I can get the right kids on the score sheet. I understand things come up so even if it's an hour before the game, some type of communication would be helpful. For practices obviously try to attend as many as you can as these will be very helpful in developing team cohesion and your own child's skills, but if you're going to miss one, there's no need to let me know.

I know that's a lot of info at once so if you have any questions, please email, call or talk to me this weekend before the game and I'll do my best to answer whatever it is you have questions about.

Thanks and I'm looking forward to a great season!

Brad Pearson

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